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About Fused Glass

A short history of glass:

The earliest glass objects, mainly jewellery, have been found in Egypt and date back to 3500BC.  Later, the Romans did much to spread the technique of glass production when they invaded Europe. Then, during the Middle Ages craftsmen produced magnificent stained glass windows for churches and cathedrals, many fine examples still seen today.

The 20th Century saw the ‘Art & Crafts’ movement evolve with legendary Charles Rennie Macintosh (a Scot) and Louis Comfort Tiffany (an American) bringing glass and design to a new and exciting artistic level.

Glass is created by the fusion of sand and fire and by adding minerals and salts the vibrant colours and patterns are produced... with natural light transforming the glass.  From the mid 1970s, specialist glass for art and architecture began manufacture in USA where skilled craftspeople pour, roll and shape the moulten glass into sheets providing a wide choice of products in a sophisticated colour palette.

Breagha Glass Art:

Design begins with an idea... then onto a sketch... progressing to measuring, cutting, layering and stacking the glass to a design specification...

                       ...before being placed in the electric powered and computer controlled kiln... where a series of rapid heat cycles, with pre set temperatures around 1490F (810C), are held at predetermined intervals to allow bonding, and finally, a process of slow cooling is essential to complete the fused glass artwork process.